About BOLD

BOLD Association for Children with Special Needs is a non-profit community based organization dedicated to serving Children with Special Needs and their families.

BOLD started in 1998 as part of the Penang Educational Consultative Council, a Penang State Government initiative to improve educational services and facilities in the state. As the Bureau On Learning Difficulties, our modest objective then was to serve as a resource centre for parents and teachers while trying to raise awareness about learning difficulties.

There was very enthusiastic response to our workshops and talks.

Parents and teachers expressed the great need for more knowledge and services. In response, we began to conduct research as well as provide some intervention services. Spurred on by available funding and a small core of enthusiastic volunteers, we have explored a wide range of different activities since 1998. 

In 2008, we became a registered society so that our work for Children with Special Needs would continue to grow with a long term vision in mind.

Currently, BOLD has 2 activity Centers - one on Penang Island which is sponsored by annual funding from the Penang Skills Development Centre (PSDC) and the other on Mainland Penang, launched in 2006 with the pledge of 5 years of support from Pertubuhan Bunga Tanjung. (Location in main page

BOLD is a partner of Asia Community Service (ACS), a well-known Penang organization whose work is closely related. Working together, ACS and BOLD plan to provide better services and more support to families of children with Special Needs.

BOLD runs Intervention Programs for children of different ages, with different kinds of needs. (see Programmes)

Our Resource Centre has a collection of over 500 books and videos on various kinds of Special Needs and intervention methods. (see Resource Centre)

As a non-profit NGO, our charges for services are nominal and in some cases totally free.  We depend entirely on the support of the Penang State Government; grants from various organizations as well as generous donations from the public to keep our programs running from year to year.  Fund raising is an ongoing process.

Donations can be made by Cash or Cheque (payable to BOLD Association for Children with Special Needs, Penang) or direct bank-in to CIMB 8003946993


If you would like to become our volunteer, kindly fill up the attached form and email back to us.



Donations can be made by Cash or  Cheques payable to BOLD for Special Needs Penang; or Direct bank-in to CIMB 8003946993.

ALL DONATIONS TO BOLD ARE TAX EXEMPT under Section 44(6) of the Income Tax Act 1967.